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Helping the Poor Respond to Opportunity
The Global ShareResource Foundation (GSRF) was founded in 2001 opening opportunities to underserved communities in many countries and the USA. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations, it participates in programs that provide social work geared towards education and skills training, medical aid, empowering men and women in leadership, orphan care, assisting slum-dwellers transition to social housing and use of water sanitation in rural areas.
Past and Present Involvements and Partnerships

Afghanistan: Partner Organization for the Advancement of Afghan Women (

  • Aymini School that started from war rubbles and now has 20 classrooms and expanding.
  • Moshwani Clinic, serving the Kalakan region providing health care to 9 villages
  • The Nuestra Señora de Fátima of the Diocese of Babayoho runs a secondary school in Babahoyo, Ecuador provides complementary vocational training to 14-20 age groups.

  • Vegetable Gardens in three barrios of Vinces, familiarizing students with methods of affordable food production in their farms at the same time learn farming skills to earn a living.

  • Piggery in Cuenca, a start-up project by the indigenous community formed into an association to engage in entrepreneurial activity by raising, selling and distributing hogs
  • Vocational School in San Manual Chaparron initiated by Fr. Grech in farming and fishing activities and teaching trade skills to the young people in a municipality of 13 villages.
Haiti – Through Diaspora Community Services
  • Provides emergency services, women’s gynecological needs, pediatric immunization and general screening and testing for TB and HIV.
Honduras – Through Hope for Healthier Humanity
  • Provides technical and clinical education and training to medical, dental and nursing students and other healthcare providers in the Caribbean and Latin America.
Indonesia – Through Orphans International

Iraq Through Catholic Near East Welfare Association that

  • Through The Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), engage in literacy and vocational education training, village health centers and orphanage.

  • Through the Living Waters of the World, install, maintain water purification system and train community leaders to carry out health hygiene program.
  • Through Hogar Luceros del Amanecer – The Sunrise Foundation, Inc., provide supplemental education to enable students to enter and stay in school.

  • Supports the Surgeons of Hope hospital for Indigent children, La Mascota: "El Instituto Pediatrico de Cardiologia de Nicaragua".
  • Asilo de la Milagrosa, Inc., an orphanage since 1934 dedicated to caring babies, toddlers, children and female elderly.

  • Bukal ng Buhay Orphanage Foundation is a temporary home providing a beautiful house and surrounding for street kids, orphaned, abandoned and abused children.

  • Cartwheel Foundation, invests in people, knowledge and technology to enable resilient and thriving communities sustain economic growth.

  • Chosen Children Village Foundation, a school for the education of handicapped children and providing long term placement in a healthy home and community environment.

  • Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission Inc., assists 92 Aeta Minority families build a community life of self-government and a self-sustaining economic enterprise.

  • Gawad Kalinga– This is a nationwide effort to provide slum dwellers decent home environment sustained by corollary livelihood skills training and community housing development.

  • Lorenzo M. Tanada Foundation helps poor deserving college graduates to pursue graduate courses in the field of law, government, economics, science and history.

  • Mater Orphanorum Servant of the Poor, an orphanage providing full scale education to andoned children or victims of abuse.

  • Mt. Carmel Foundation provides academic education to deserving scholars in the Philippines

  • Samabayan Educational Foundation, Inc. (SEFI) provides scholarships to daughters from families, intellectually capable in acquiring higher academic education.

  • St. Luke's Cabiao Community Clinic, is a teaching clinic for medical students and midwifery, a component of the St. Luke's College of Medicine
Rwanda – Through the Centre for Gender, Culture & Development of Kigali Institute of Education
  • Engage in policy development, short term training, certificate programs, community outreach and multicultural exchange.
South Africa – Through the Religious of the Good Shepherd in Johannesburg
United States – Through Cross Catholic Outreach Box of Joy
  • Provides relief goods and housing to victims of earthquake, flood and tsunami victims.

  • Urban Technology ( develops financial and digital literacy skills for underserved youth.

  • All Star Code ( empowers young men with the skills, networks, and mindsets they need to create new futures through technology.
Zambia – Through the Mazabuka Municipal Council (MMC)
  • Organized a Resource Mobilization Team to establish systems and processes to facilitate the raising of capital grants for specific development projects.
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Last update 30 December 2016