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The Global ShareResource Foundation 2008-2009 Activity Report


There had been some life changes to some of the members of the foundation during the period 2008-2009 which slowed down its activities while making adjustments, but it never came to a halt. The projects assisted by the foundation in conjunction with funding organizations progressed and we are pleased to update our supporters of their situation. During the same period two countries from Africa benefited from the mini-fundraising efforts of Global Share.

Afghanistan: The Organization for the Advancement of Afghan Women has been able to maintain an out-patient clinic servicing 9 other villages in the region. There are 12 employees including 2 physicians, a dentist and a pharmacist. The clinic provides medical care, vaccination for children and adults, birth control, dental care and information about hygiene for all of the patients who visit the clinic. This clinic is walking distance to the Moshwani Payan Middle School and the only source of immediate care for these students. Medical care is free as well as medicines, birth control, vaccination and other necessary medical supplies needed for the patients. The clinic performs minor surgery like, suturing the cuts, incision and draining of the abscess, care of first degree burns and circumcision of male children. In case of dehydration, during summer, intravenous infusions are available. In case of emergency if the clinic can’t provide proper care, there is now an ambulance to take the patient to a hospital nearby, about 20 miles away. The OAAW is the only monetary provider for keeping the door of this clinic open for this community.

Ecuador: GSRF initiated a hog-raising project in Sanglia, a small indigenous community in Cuenca, Ecuador. During the visits made by GSRF President. Douglas Grandgeorge, in 2009-2010, the community constructed a huge pig pen for 14 pigs complete with water drainage and storage for feeds. Over time the pigs multiplied to 94 and the community is able to distribute some to its members, some were sold and some were kept for further hog-raising. However, not too many are interested in the daily work of cleaning and feeding the pigs except for 2 dedicated organizers who have taken responsibility of the project for the community. The project is occupying a 2- acre land rent free from the farm of Douglas, and when he sold the property early 2010, a provision was allotted for the community to keep title to the 2 acres that has the pig pen and a community center. An additional 1 acre was also given by Douglas for a cemetery that the community needed.

Nicaragua: Surgeons of Hope started a project in the pediatric hospital for Indigent children, La Mascota: "El Instituto pediatrico de cardiologia de Nicaragua". An agreement was signed with the highest authorities of the state and will soon be building a cardiac unit in the compound of this hospital with to become the regional action center over central America. Also in 2009 a pediatric surgical team from California operated on 10 children patients.

GSRF continued its support to Luceros del Amanecer, a school providing educational and social services to at-risk children and their families in Camoapa, Nicaragua. It provides supplemental education to enable students to enter and stay in school. The Sunrise Foundation sponsors two programs both geared to supporting children who would not be attending school. One program for 22 children is 12 hours daily and includes three meals along with after-school classes recreation, homework help and tutoring. The other serves 52 children and provides homework help, regular contact with teachers and families of children having frequent absences.

Philippines: Scholarship funds continue to support deserving students to enroll in private universities and technical vocational institutions. Support to Gawad Kalinga, a successful nationwide effort providing slum dwellers decent home environment has incorporated livelihood skills training in the program for sustainability. The Chosen Children Village, a safe haven for abandoned children with physical and mental disabilities is trying to meet the new challenges of its interns entering adolescence. The Aeta Resettlement in Zambales have been successful in having the elementary education of the indigenous minorities accredited by the Dept of Education.

South Africa (Johannesburg): In 2008 GSRF assisted Religious of the Good Shepherd in Johannesburg, South Africa operating in poor villages, providing pre-and after-school programs for teenagers during vacation, as well as for 200 living with relatives or neighbors. These children are provided with breakfast & lunch, medical care. Women-victims of abuse, learn to plant and sell garden produce, as well as trained to work as hospice caregivers to those afflicted with aids, malaria and TB.

South Africa (Pretoria): On 30 January 2009, the Pretoria International Circle of Friends (PICF) held a fundraising for GSRF for its sponsored projects in S Africa. The event was held at the Philippine embassy residence, food by Philippine Amb. Virgilio Reyes, and raffle prizes donated by Leoni Castelino of New Jersey, and Tony Pajaro of Spain. The entertainment featured a video on Philippine culture and a native dance performed by the officers and staff of the Philippine Embassy. Wilna Kotze, president/founder of the 15-year old PICF brought 60-70 of its members to donate to the cause. Piroska Magyar, an active member moderated with Michelle Cromhout closing the event. The proceeds were shared by the Religious of the Good Shepherd (Srs. Naomi Mascarenhas and Coleen from Johannesburg came to the event), and the Philippine Small Children's Informal School in Pretoria.

Zambia: In July-December 2008 GSRF participated as a non-specialized international donor to take a direct role in the furtherance of development projects in Zambia. Ms. Pia Ortiz-Luis, niece of GSRF Treasurer, Esmeralda Lyn, worked as a volunteer in a leadership training program of the Mazabuka Municipal Council (MMC) in Southern Zambia. The council created a Resource Mobilization Team for the purpose of (a) establishing efficient seystems and processes to facilitate the raising of capital grants for specific development projects, (b) monitoring those projects during their implementation, and (c) developing direct relationships with selected external donor bodies (international governments through their development programs or embassies, NGOs and socially responsible corporations).


Funding Breakdown by Type of Activity January - December 2008    
Funds Available for Disbursement in 2008 $ 38,478.34  
Fund Distribution:    
Education & Skills Training    
Farming (Ecuador, S Africa) $ 2,000  
Children Education (Nicaragua, Afghanistan) $ 2,000  
Scholarships (Philippines) $ 5,500  
Adult Education Leadershi Training (Zambia) $ 6,000  
Health Care Training (Honduras, Haiti, Afghanistan) $ 3,000  
Total Donation to Projects $ 18,500  
Funding Breakdown by Type of Activity January - December 2009    
Beginning Funds 2009 $ 18,891.93  
Restricted Receipts 2009 $ 11,100.00  
Funds Available for Disbursement in 2008 $ 29,991.93  
Fund Distribution:    
Education & Skills Training    
Children Education (Philippines) $ 7,000  
Scholarships (Philippines) $ 1,100  
Housing Assistanc (Philippines) $ 13,000  
Calamity Donation (Philippines) $ 1,000  
Total Donation to Projects $ 18,500  
General Administration $ 25.00  
Total Disbursements $ 22,125.00  
Net Funds Available Year End 2008 $7,866.93  

Board Members
(The Rev.) Douglas Grandgeorge, President
Cheryl R. Lehman
David Michel
Esmeralda O. Lyn, Treasurer
Marie Luarca-Reyes, Executive Director
Melvyn Lopez
Philippe Lerch
Tahira Homayun

Doris Shia
Jane Orendain
Mariechelle Marbella
Stella Reyes

Ira Ruderman, Webmaster
Paul-Philippe L. Reyes, Legal Counsel