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Major Projects Assisted in 2007

Continuing Projects

Afghanistan: Aymini School – From the rubbles came up a school house which the OAAW initiated with cooperation from the USAID and Afghan Ministry of Education. There 2-storey building houses 20 classrooms and opened for classes on March 29th with 4,000 boys and girls ranging from 7-18 years old enrolled. ($2,000)

Afghanistan: Moshwani Clinic – Another project of OAAW, serving the Kalakan region providing health care to 9 villages, treating per day, 40-50 patient men, women and children. Dr. Tahira Homayun was in Afghanistan twice this year visiting and assisting at the clinic. ($1,300)

Ecuador: Vocational School in Babahoyo – The project is also implemented by the Basque Missionary complementing the academic education of secondary students with vocational education housed in the property of the parish church, Nuestra Senora de Fatima. Cheryl Lehman and Marie Luarca visited the site in February 2007. ($1,200)

Ecuador: Vegetable Gardens in Vinces – The project is implemented by the Basque Missionary in 3 barrios of Vinces, Ecuador, familiarizing the students with methods of affordable food production in their farm lands at the same time provide opportunities for earning a living, increase nutritional quality of food at schools and reduce number of malnourished school children. Marie Luarca visited this site in February 2007. ($1,200)

Madagascar: Water Purification – The 3-year project is a partnership between the 1st Presbyterian Church of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the Manakavaly Hospital, Manakalavy School and Living Waters of the World ( It involves the installation, maintenance of water purification system and training of 4 community members to operate and maintain the system and training of 6 community leaders to carry out health hygiene program. ($2,200).

Nicaragua: Hogar Luceros del Amanecer ( -- A school providing educational and social services to at-risk children and their families in Camoapa, Nicaragua. it provides supplemental education to enable students to enter and stay in school. A social worker also provides assistance to families of students, and HLDA is in the process of developing a farm where students can live, learn, and produce food and income for the project. ($2,000)

Philippines: Gawad Kalinga ( – This is a nationwide community housing project in the Philippines and GSRF over a 3-year period, GSRF can claim to have “built” 3 houses out of the slums of Manila’s inner city and relocated to a nearby town a reduction in population congestion. ($,800)

New Projects:

Ecuador: Hog-Raising in Cuenca -- This is the first start-up project being assisted by GSRF and hopefully could set the model for future endeavors. The intention is organize the indigenous community into an entrepreneurial association by raising, selling and distributing hogs. The indigenous community is located near the farm of Douglas Grandgeorge, on whose farm the hogs are being raised. The project is coordinated by Marcelo Carrion, farm manager of Douglas. The project was a result of the town meeting at Douglas’ farm in Cuenca with the indigenous community attended by Cheryl Lehman and Marie Luarca ($4,000)

Guatemala: Vocational School in San Manuel, Chaparron -- Fr. Anton Grech, a Maltese works in a very remote very poor village in Guatemala for the last 11 years and has been trying not only to be a spiritual shepherd but to improve the lives of the villagers through education. He supervises a school run by the catholic parish church teaching trade to the young people. ($3,000)

Haiti: Diaspora Community Services – The organization has been in existence for the last 25 years committed to the Haitian Community in New York ( GSRF assisted to set up a clinic the neighborhood in Port-au-Prince servicing 4 health areas to provide emergency services, women’s gynecological needs, pediatric immunization and general screening and testing for TB and HIV. There will be local staff training for clinic maintenance and technology transfer. ($1,000)

Honduras: Hope for Healthier Humanity – The organization, was created for the purpose of providing technical and clinical education and training to medical, dental and nursing students and other healthcare providers in developing countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as provide its international educational partners with donations of medicine, medical and dental equipment and supplies and academic linkages with U.S. based schools of higher medical, dental and nursing education. HHH is committed to achieving sustainable improvements in the levels of healthcare available to the poorest of peoples living throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. ($1,000)

Specified Philippine Project Assistance by Donor:

Lorenzo M. Tanada Foundation, an organization which, among other objectives, help poor but deserving college graduates to pursue graduate courses in the field of law, government, economics, science and history or to provide university scholarship to poor and deserving students in the secondary educational institutions. ($3,000)

Mt. Carmel Foundation, a Philippine non-profit organization providing academic education to deserving scholars in the Philippines (Camarines Norte and Bulacan). ($10,000)

Chosen Children Village Foundation (, a school for the education of handicapped children and providing long term placement in a healthy home and community environment. ($2,000)

Finances: For the year GSRF received total funds of $43,821 out of which $36,700 went to project donations.

Funding Breakdown by Type of Activity    
Funds Available for Disbursement $43,821  
Fund Distribution:    
Education & Skills Training    
Farming (Ecuador, Guatemala) $ 5,200  
Children Education (Nicaragua, Philippines) $ 4,000  
Scholarships (Philippines) $ 13,000  
Adult Education $ 500  
Health Care Training (Honduras, Haiti, Afghanistan) $ 3,000  
Schoolhouse (Afghanistan) $ 2,300  
Slum Reconstruction (Philippines) $ 1,800  
Water Purification (Madagascar) $ 2,200  
Disaster Relief (Peru) $ 500  
General Administration $ 1,454  
Net Funds Available for Disbursement $ 5,666  

(The Rev.) Douglas Grandgeorge, President
Tahira Homayun
Cheryl R. Lehman
Philippe Lerch
Melvyn Lopez
Marie Luarca-Reyes, Executive Director
Esmeralda O. Lyn, Treasurer
David Michel

Bettina Bagatsing
Mariechelle Marbella
Jane Orendain
Stella Reyes
Doris Shia
Mario Silva
Rene Goicoichea, Tax Consultant
Ira Ruderman, Webmaster
Paul-Philippe L. Reyes, Legal Counsel