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Major Projects Assisted in 2006

Greetings! It is with great pleasure to let you know our modest goals for 2006 were met with great satisfaction.

The Aymini 20-classroom schoolhouse in Kabul is almost complete, and the Mashwani medical clinic began free consultation serving nine regions. The boys at the vocational school in Babahoyo, Ecuador sold their furniture handiwork made out of recycled materials. In Madagascar, a water purification pump was installed in the orphanage premises. Thirty slum dwellings in the Philippines were given a makeover. A team of American and French cardiologists descended in Maputo, Mozambique to perform open-heart surgery to 23 indigent children. In the 2 barrios of Vinces, Ecuador, vegetable garden farming was begun by the school children. Also in the Philippines, scholarships were awarded to deserving students to attain higher academic education, new indigent children with learning disabilities were extended special education, and existing clinics were aided to provide health care services.

All these we were able to do with your continued support. These small steps to improving human life bring people closer to realizing their potential and hopefully lead to sustainable economic and social growth. Thank you!

Let us therefore look forward to 2007 with renewed vigor in “Helping the Poor Respond to Opportunity.”

(Rev.) Douglas Grandgeorge
New York, February 2, 2007

Funding Breakdown by Type of Activity    
Academic Education $ 60,000  
Slum Reconstruction $ 44,500  
Special Education $ 8,000  
Vocation Education $ 5,500  
School Reconstruction $ 3,000  
Hospital & Medical Care $ 3,000  
Natural Disaster $ 3,000  
Adult Education $ 1,000  
Water Purification $ 700  
Total $ 127,700