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Major Projects Assisted in 2005

Akany Avoko Ambohitratrimo, an orphanage in the outskirts of Antananarivo, Madagascar, serves as a half-way house to some 50 orphans, ages from new-born to teenage. GSRF gave support to the skills training in sewing and handicraft making.

Nuestra Señora de Fátima, a secondary school in Babahoyo, Ecuador provides complementary vocational training to 14-20 age groups. GSRF supported the attendance of 235 boys are in automotive/general mechanics, 138 girls are in dressmaking/hairdressing.

Sambayan Educational Foundation, Inc. (SEFI) in Metro Manila, Philippines, partially or wholly, provides scholarship funds, and supports the educational needs of girls from low-income families, with intellectual capability to obtain elementary and secondary academic education. Funds helped 5 scholars to attend the private academic secondary education.

The School for Chosen Children, in Cavite, Philipines, trains, educates physically and mentally handicapped children of Silang community. Funds enabled to the school to attend to 74 children are with cerebral palsy or attention disorder.

Gawad Kalinga transforms slum dwellings in poverty-stricken areas, into beautifully painted homes, built for and by the volunteers of poor families in the Philippines nationwide. At least 4 family homes were built with the donated funds.

Phnom Penh Heart Center in Cambodia, built by the Surgeons of Hope, has 50 hospital beds, performs 1000 open heart surgeries, 500 cardiac interventions and close to 20,000 consultations each year. GSRF supported the US Medical Mission that operated on 25 children with heart condition.

Orphans International in Aceh, Indonesia, built homes for the victims of Tsunami to house 240 children over the next year. Fifteen of the small homes have been already been funded in part, and are seeking sponsors the additional 45 homes.

Asilo de la Milagrosa, Inc., founded primarily as an orphanage in 1934 in Cebu City, Philippines and under management of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul since 1936, is dedicated to caring babies, toddlers, children and female elderly, whose families are unable to care for them due to death, sickness, poverty and other societal and environmental situations.

Funding Breakdown by Type of Activity    
Vocational and Academic Education $ 11,700  
Special Education for Disabled Children $ 5,000  
Hospital and Medical Care $ 1,000  
Slum Housing Reconstruction $ 1,500  
Orphanage $ 2,000  
Natural Calamity $ 1000  
Total $ 22,200